Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 1 of Cinecoup

I entered Cinecoup with Dany Boy.

So far it's hard to tell whether Cinecoup will be a game changer for independent film financing in Canada or not.

It's not because the quality of the 90 entries is wildly uneven.  Anyone should expect that.  It's because the quality is irrelevant.  It's the popularity of the entry assessed by how much traction it gets on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Cinecoup's own website that matters.

The director may have never made a film before and may not have ever worked with actors or written a script, but if he or she can put together a trailer that is popular, the rules suggest they could win.  So be it.

So I've entered and opened my work up to some nasty anonymous comments, but a lot of support from the audience that I KNOW is out there for the film.  It's not necessarily the audience for sci-fi or horror movies, (a lot of those being pitched on Cinecoup).  The trouble is, I suspect the audience for my film, an art house thriller about exposing a family secret is not very interested in social media.  So any ideas on how to reach them?

Here's what I need them to do.  Go to and SIGN UP, (big pink sign up box at the top right of every web page on the site.)

Then go to  That's the page for my entry.  Watch the trailer and click on RATINGS.  Give it 10/10, please.  Write a nice comment.

(If you don't like it, that's okay.  I'd rather you not write a nasty comment, but there's nothing stopping you from doing that.)

Not finished yet.  Then you click the MISSIONS tab to see the weekly video missions I've had to do and you get to view/like/comment/share them.  During the first week a Mission video is posted, all of that viewing/liking/commenting/sharing goes towards Dany Boy's score.  Come back the next week and you can do it for that week's mission.

Still want to help?  Like the Dany Boy Facebook page.  Follow @Danyboythefilm on Twitter.  Go to the Cinecoup YouTube channel and view/like the trailer:

It's early days and we're doing all right, but I think we'll need to do a lot better to stay in the game.  I will hold up the film to anybody on the basis of quality and talent in front of and behind the camera, but Cinecoup doesn't work that way.  It's popularity by social media that counts so please spread the word.

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