Friday, May 9, 2014

Love/Sick look book

I've been working on a feature film called Love/Sick which is currently raising financing.  In anticipation of production, I've been collecting images for a "look book" which will be given to anyone working on the film to get a sense of the look, the colour palette and the cast for the film.

Follow Sugith's board Love/Sick look book on Pinterest.

Check out the look book and feel free to comment here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nobody, an ACTRA co-op short film I was in

Just spent a day shooting a scene for Nobody, an ACTRA co-op short film.  ACTRA co-ops are where ACTRA members band together and agree to work on a project for no fee but a percentage of any revenue.  Usually, co-ops are initiated by an ACTRA member who wants to write or direct their own script and rounds up others he or she knows to help.  I've done a few and am always happy to give the time to help out an aspiring film maker.  As I used the ACTRA co-op agreement to make the trailer for Love/Sick, formerly called Dany Boy, it would be hypocritical if I didn't.  (Subject to wanting to work with those involved and liking the part.)

Here's a still from Nobody, where you can see I'm behind the wheel of a rather nice Mercedes.

The film has an indiegogo campaign going to raise finishing funds.  Please consider helping them.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nebraska - a mini-review

Finally saw Nebraska, which is an austere, though surprisingly funny, road trip about fathers and sons. Not much happens and what happens is ridiculously low-stakes, and every character looks like they stepped out of a lost Grant Wood painting, (American Gothic). It all actually works though without much catharsis. Bruce Dern has his one-note stubborn old-guy shtick down pat, but Will Forte plays it straight and graduates from sketch comedy--even in the scenes that are almost sketch comedy as filmed by Fellini. In the end, there's less here than meets the eye but it entertained me far more than Payne's past movies, ("About Schmidt" - god help me) have. Could be because someone else wrote the screenplay.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm giving a seminar at the ACTRA winter conference

Late notice, but ACTRA members can attend the winter conference Wednesday through Friday of this week.  Wednesday at 1:30, I'm giving a session on writing for TV 101, hosted by Ryan Fisher.  Check out the link for the conference for more info.

Monday, February 3, 2014

I started at the top

I'm so proud to have begun my career writing every word of every draft of ten episodes of this show. Jim even directed one of my episodes.

Rush - 1 of the best of 2013

Finally saw Rush, Ron Howard's film of Peter Morgan's script of the real life Niki Lauda-James Hunt formula 1 rivalry in 1976. Fantastic, though admittedly I'm a race movie nut, (I own Le Mans and Grand Prix.) For a film filled with racing, there's only enough to understand the sport and the stakes. The real story is a clash of values.

Wolf of Wall Street re-review

Saw Wolf of Wall Street again, given the number of people who lambasted me for not liking it the first time. I liked it more, though it was more admiration for the bravura film making. Interestingly, I was less enamoured of Jonah Hill's performance, having seen Jared Leto's similarly transformational performance in Dallas Buyer's Club, which felt much more honest than Jonah Hill.

But I still think the film celebrates more than castigates the lead character. Still bothers me. I also felt that it could have been an hour shorter with no loss.

A review of Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club is quite remarkable as an indictment against the US Food and drug administration and their complicity with big Pharma. No soft pedalling, McConnaghey gives a terrific performance but it's Jared Leto who really deserves a nom.


Her is a touching and heartbreaking meditation on the impossibility of intimacy in a modern world. The premise sounds comical but it's far from funny. Achingly scripted and acted. Haunting.