Monday, March 18, 2013

Cinecoup week 2

I'm even less sure about how game changing Cinecoup could be to Canadian cinema than I was last week.

Over the weekend, Cinecoup's "critic's picks" were a cheezy sci-fi effort and one about a cop who was really a werewolf.  I'm not arguing about the merit of those two picks, other than they were both aimed at a male teen market.  Granted, this is the largest demographic that goes to movies now.

But by aiming at that market, how is Cinecoup a gamechanger?  It appears to be encouraging the game be played exactly as it's being played now.

So let's call Cinecoup what it is, which is an excellent marketing machine derived from what's worked in the videogame industry, (where the founder of Cinecoup comes from.)  How game changing it will be remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, I've posted two required Mission videos so far.  Missions are assignments entrants must fulfill each week.  The first two have been videos.  Next week's assignment is to design a couple of possible posters for your entry.  You get the idea.

The week a Mission is uploaded, registered Cinecoup fans' views/likes/comments/shares of an entrant's Mission count towards their score in the contest.  So your views/likes/comments/shares of last week's video won't count to our score, but you might find it interesting.  You'll meet Team Dany Boy:  writer, Imthiyaz Hameed, producer, Colin Brunton and me, the director.

This week's Mission shows you 6 ways Team Dany Boy makes a Little go a Long way.  The requirement was "cheap tricks" which makes sense, in that the video is to show how a team will make a movie with a low budget.  Most of the competition will be showing how they made monsters or explosions or CG landscapes as that's what their movies require.  Ours, which is really an art house thriller has some unexpected uses of money-saving devices that were deliberately chosen to enhance the aesthetics of the film.  In the video, Colin Brunton points out that having less money often makes the project more interesting--if you know how to make it look like you had all the money you needed even if you didn't.  I think we do that.

So, check it out and let me know what you think, though please comment on the Cinecoup site so it counts to our score!  Remember that just viewing and liking also counts to our score.

And I added a new possible poster to our portfolio.  What do you think?

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