Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A couple of reality show pitches

While I've written documentaries, like the NFB's Show Girls and the IMAX documentary Lost Worlds, I haven't done reality shows.

Until now.

Kill Shot stars former Canadian sniper Master Cpl. Jody Mitic who would attempt to replicate famous sniper shots from military and law enforcement history.  Jody is an amazing guy, having had his feet blown off in combat, though you would never know it if you met him.  

The second show I came up with when I was in my home town overseeing the contents sale of our family's 40 year old home.  My sister had hired Richard Moroz to handle the sale and I spent a week overseeing the sale and watching my family's belongings sold to new owners.  I realized that Richard sells lifetimes, and that's the name of the show, Sale of a Lifetime.

I shot and had a great editor Erin Carroll cut a talent demo for the show.

Both are before different networks now.

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