Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A new TV series pitch

I'm working with acclaimed native writer and documentary film maker Dennis Allen to turn his hilarious stories published in North/News into a TV series.

They're politically incorrect tales of the adventures of a fictional native guy named Dennis and his cousin Chubby.  To make them work, I have proposed that we take a page from the Ricky Gervais Show and make the show part live-action and part-animation.  The great charm of Dennis' published stories is in the telling of them, as much as in the what happens.  So to keep the telling aspect, we're going to let a live action Dennis and Chubby start telling the story before we see the story in glorious animation.

Dennis' politically incorrect characters (he plays on the cultural stereotypes of beer, smokes and laziness, though I think their humanity redeems them in the end) might be a challenge to get past Canada's broadcasters but APTN, Canada's native network has shown a lot of interest in pushing the envelope with shows like Health Nutz and Bionic Bannock Boyz.

Even if we got interest from APTN, we'd still need another broadcaster.  (I'm not holding my breath that CBC will come on board as they famously turned down Trailer Park Boys which was as culturally stereotyped and politically incorrect as possible and went on to become one of Canada's most successful TV series.)

Stay tuned.

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