Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tiff day 5

Saw Peddlars from India. Kind of the anti Slumdog about the seedy drug trade of Bombay. Great acting from unknowns that feels like a doc. Dynamic direction from former AD. His script though lacked the structure to appeal to a mainstream audience. But I met him. Respect him for getting it done.

Unfortunately literally fell asleep during Miss Lovely from India. Unfathomable story just didn't keep me awake.

Then saw a press/industry screening of Inescapable that my friend Saad Siddiqui co-stars in. He does great work and the whole cast is good particularly Marisa Tomei who made me believe she was Syrian, but they can't elevate the script above an average episode of The Border. Joshua Jackson plays a promiscuous Canadian consular official which was kind of fun.

Finally attended a couple of parties. Raindance was glammy with a nice tequila punch that wasn't too girly to drink, and I ran into former students of mine who are now working in the industry. Then off to the Writers Mafia which was packed with the usual suspects plus some producer infiltrators. It's an ill-kept secret that writers have the best parties--and awards. Not the A list Tiff parties, but you got to go with what you've got.

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