Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Roundtable reading coming up

I've been rewriting an old, unproduced screenplay and then hour long radio play into a stage play.  I sent it to several respected colleagues, who all were less than enthusiastic about it.  However, Sally Jones of Rasik Arts, a Toronto company that specializes in South Asian theatre, has embraced the script, "The Fate of Mewa Singh" and scheduled it for one of the group's monthly roundtable readings.  They are casual affairs where attendees are pressed into service reading parts from the play.  It's been a real jolt of confidence after some of the rejections and I'm really grateful.

Who knows what will happen to the piece once it's read?  I'm just curious to see how interested people respond.  Maybe it is a movie on stage and that's a bad thing--the feedback I've received so far.  Or maybe it's a movie on stage--and that's a good thing for those who attend.  Or maybe it actually is a play.  Or not.

That's the thing about sending your work out there in any form.  The risk is real and the writer could end up throwing themselves off a bridge afterwards, rather than face the reality that what they've worked so hard on wasn't worth it.  I'm hoping that the verdict won't be that bad.

If you're interested, the roundtable will be at the Wychwood Library, 1431 Bathurst Street in Toronto, (that's Bathurst and St. Clair), Thursday February 3 at 6PM.  It's a very casual affair and I'll be there with fingers crossed.

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