Sunday, January 9, 2011

We lose another great one

Peter Donaldson has left set.

I worked with Peter a number of years ago when he acted in a radio play I wrote, called Entry Denied, playing a bumptious prick.  He was anything but.  He came in from Stratford at the last minute because the actor who was originally cast was suddenly unavailable.  He did a lovely turn.

More recently, I got to work with him in an episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie where he played a ebullient archbishop.  Probably a bit of a stretch for him, but not as much.  He just gave a nice, clean performance for an episode that got nominated for a Gemini Award, due in part no doubt, to his contribution.

He was married to one of the series regulars on Little Mosque, Sheila McCarthy, who I also worked with teaching acting at a local college.  After a long battle with cancer, Peter died today.

There have been so many from Toronto's arts community who've succumbed this past year and I'd hoped the new year was going to see an end to all this, but I'm glad for his family and friends, Peter got to stay through New Year's.  My condolences to them all.

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