Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nobody, an ACTRA co-op short film I was in

Just spent a day shooting a scene for Nobody, an ACTRA co-op short film.  ACTRA co-ops are where ACTRA members band together and agree to work on a project for no fee but a percentage of any revenue.  Usually, co-ops are initiated by an ACTRA member who wants to write or direct their own script and rounds up others he or she knows to help.  I've done a few and am always happy to give the time to help out an aspiring film maker.  As I used the ACTRA co-op agreement to make the trailer for Love/Sick, formerly called Dany Boy, it would be hypocritical if I didn't.  (Subject to wanting to work with those involved and liking the part.)

Here's a still from Nobody, where you can see I'm behind the wheel of a rather nice Mercedes.

The film has an indiegogo campaign going to raise finishing funds.  Please consider helping them.

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