Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Writing update

In my never ending, it seems, quest to get something going, I finished 2012 and slopped over a bit into 2013 with a spec Modern Family script.  (A spec is a script written "on speculation", that is, not because someone's paying you.)  Modern Family, I believe, is the gold standard now for TV comedies. It's a show a really like and admire the writing, (and acting), so it seemed like a good one to write a spec for.  I've also used it as a teaching show during my stints overseeing the Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters program in the past.

If you'd like to read it, here's the link to the script.

I also had a reading, courtesy of director David Ferry and cast, Andrew Moodie, Iain Stewart and Maria Riccossa of my first stage play, Entitlement.  Now THAT was an interesting experience.  I've had readings of my screenwriting in the past, usually as part of the development process or just prior to production, but hearing my stage play read/performed was so revelatory.  And thanks so much to those incredible actors and director for giving me that experience.

Never stop writing.


Anonymous said...

Having had the privilege of reading your play, but not being able to attend the reading, I'm curious to know what the revelation was. It's an excellent piece - are you developing it further; will it be mounted? Have you submitted it for consideration?

Sugith Varughese said...

Thanks for reading! The revelation was seeing the character based on myself, as others including the student might have seen him. I didn't realize until I heard it that he is just as entitled as the student.

I am applying to have the play mounted at the Summerworks Festival in Toronto. If accepted, I'd still have to raise money to actually mount the play there, but at least it would have a venue. Getting a new play mounted, I've learned, is as hard as getting a screenplay produced--for much less money.