Thursday, August 4, 2011

Geminis lose their credibility yet again

I had not one but two entries in the Gemini Awards this year in the category Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media - Fiction.  On Tuesday morning, the nominees were announced and I dutifully downloaded the Gemini nominee list, which goes on for pages, searching for the category.

And searched.

And searched backwards.

It's NOT there.

So I email the Gemini co-ordinator at the Academy and she blithely replies that the jury decided not to make an award in that category this year.


Did the jury or the Academy think it might have been nice to let the entrants know BEFORE they announced the nominees?

I guess not.  The jury must have been so proud of themselves coming to that decision that they forgot to think how the entrants would feel not to see the category listed.  Or they didn't care.

Clearly the Academy doesn't care.  

In fact, I only got "official" notice that the category had been dropped two days later.  And even then when I pointed out it would have been nice to have notified me before the nominations came out did the Academy spokesperson agree.

Disappointing and pathetic performance by the Academy and the jury of my peers, yet again.

Something's got to change because spending hundreds of dollars on entry fees plus maintaining a membership in the Academy is becoming really hard to justify given their behaviour.  

And they wonder why nobody cares?

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