Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Approaching the rewrite

Once you have some feedback on your first draft, either from your creative collaborators or from a table read, it's time to figure out how you're going to approach a rewrite.

BTW, I highly recommend table reads - but not with actors - of your first draft.  By having non-actors read your script you have a better chance of "hearing" it.  Good actors can mask writing flaws like a bad line of dialogue and you actually want to hear the flaws.  As you're listening, don't do anything except mark a Check mark where something works, an X where something didn't, and a ? where you don't know but something needed to be flagged.  That's all you're getting from the table read - and it's a lot - flag the issues.

But once you've got the feedback, what are you going to do to tackle the rewrite? Where do you begin?  I recommend rewriting a story template - the character/action/goal/adversary - definitions that I've blogged about - and a story grid - the five questions, but now BASED ON THE FIRST DRAFT.  You hopefully wrote story templates and grids as you were prepping to write your first draft but now it's time to check back in with what you've actually written.

More to come.

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