Friday, June 17, 2011

Dany Boy trailer complete!

Thanks to Erin Carroll at PPD, the Dany Boy preview trailer is complete.  I edited the footage on a Mac using Final Cut Express and thanks to Erin and Mike, they were able to bring the project into the AVID system, (though not without hiccups which they solved through sheer will power.)

She then colour corrected the entire trailer using Symphony and the project now looks dazzling.  This morning she then did a full audio mix, and even added an effects track.  The images now have a dense soundscape propelling them.

A big thank you to Al Mitchell of PPD for letting me bring this project to his shop.  I've been going there to do my post on corporate videos I have produced and directed and it's a thrill to bring this project there.

The trailer's going to be used to raise financing for the film and you can be sure I'll be taking the film to PPD.

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