Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm lead trainer for the CTV Diverse Screenwriting Program

The Writers Guild of Canada scored a victory for screenwriting when they were able to have the CTV Diverse Screenwriters Program included as part of the Benefits package Bell is required to pay in order to take over CTV.  This program will bring together 8 talented emerging screenwriters of diverse backgrounds for a week of intense training followed by 9 weeks of writing and mentoring by some of Canada's best screenwriters culminating in 1 of the 8 being hired to work on a CTV series.  I'm honoured to have been asked to lead the week long workshop.

The 8 participants were chosen from 120 applicants from around the country and come highly recommended by the jury that chose them.  I'm really looking forward to being their guide through the world of telling stories on TV and we'll be bringing in a host of high-powered guest screenwriters to conduct sessions with the participants during the week.

There are literally only a few minority members of the Writers Guild of Canada, (the guild of professional screenwriters), and with this program, our ranks are going to grow as our membership finally reflects the population of the country at large.

Lots of exciting plans in the works for the workshop week!

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Sugith, this is a great story on its own...BOB UNDERWOOD