Sunday, January 2, 2011

Farewell to Gina

As the year came to a close a couple of days ago, I logged in to Facebook and found out that a friend, a colleague and one of the most effervescent women I've ever known had died.  It's been a tough year for losing friends and mentors and I hate that it had to end with yet another.

Gina Wilkinson and I shared acting agents and I wrote a part in a short film I directed for her, which she graciously agreed to do gratis in order to help me try and get a directing career going.  She was funny and sexy in person and that's what she brought to the part in my film Tongue Tied.  Just a short day's shooting. I remember that her co-star, Stewart Francis was a little nervous about the shoot because he had to make out with Gina for much of it.  Apparently he hadn't shaved perhaps thinking it made him look a bit more of a playa which was great for the part.  But after a day of making out with him, poor Gina's face was raw.  She regaled our agent with this story, but never mentioned it to me on the day.  She was a pro.

I'm fed up with all the loss 2010 brought and heartbroken Gina had to leave us, but I'm grateful I knew her and got to work with her at least once.  I just never dreamed it would be the only time.

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