Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Living In Your Car set

Today was the first on set doing a guest spot in an episode of HBO Canada's quirky series Living In Your Car.  I'd caught a few episodes from last season and saw that George F. Walker was one of the showrunners, which explained the dialogue-heavy scenes and eccentric characters, or at least why they remain prominent.  It seems like a specialty for him.  (I did an episode of his CBC series This Is Wonderland a few seasons ago and the script was similarly dialogue-rich, somewhat of a TV rarity outside 3 camera sitcom.)

Today was a chance to be reunited with director Shawn Thompson who helmed most of the episodes of a late, and hopefully lamented series I was a regular on for CBC a few years ago, An American in Canada.  Woot-woot.  And got to meet a few crew members I'd worked with in shows past as well.  A jolly time, doing what one would pay to do for money.  No complaints.

The experience reminds me how small our industry is in terms of everyone eventually works with each other.  It reminded me how professionals who are fun to work with tend to get rehired and that was a message I tried to transmit to students when I taught, though I fear it fell on deaf young ears.  Stardom was their presumption for their careers.  But what I got to have today was the joy of being a professional working with professionals--with no stars in sight.  Maybe that's the way it should be even in Hollywood, but that IS the way it is in this country.

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