Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little Mosque gets 3 Gemini noms

For a show that's been around as long as it has, (we just wrapped production on season 5), CBC's Little Mosque on the Prairie has been noticeably absent from Gemini nominations, (these are the Canadian TV awards, our attempt at the Emmys).  I'm not sure why, but having sat on many Gemini juries in the past, I know that a lot can happen in the jury room to sway votes.  For some reason, the show has never been nominated for a Gemini in the years I've been on it, but this year is a breakthrough.

Not only did Little Mosque get a nomination for best comedy series, two of our directors, Mike Kennedy and Jim Allodi got nominated for episodes, (that I happened to be in, though I'm not taking credit for their nominations!).

All I can say is, IT'S ABOUT TIME.  The show is currently seen in 63 countries and has lasted as long as most Canadian sitcoms.  I'm not saying it should win, but being shut out of Gemini nominations for so long smacked of professional jealousy.  So I'm really pleased for the producers and directors for their nominations and I want to let them know they've got my vote.

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