Thursday, May 27, 2010

Returning to a series is like returning to the golf course

In the space of a couple of days I returned to the set of Little Mosque to begin shooting the 5th season as the recurring character "Faisal" and I returned to the golf course after a winter layoff.  A lot of things in common!

It's like re-exercising unused muscles, whether physical in the case of my wretched golf game or creative in the case of my hopefully not wretched performance on set.  It's all about relearning and resuming.  Getting back into the rhythm of on set work and bringing your A game to the party.  Ultimately, it's always about preparation, which thankfully I find easier to do on set than on the golf course - less money at stake in my golf game.

But preparation is everything in golf and acting, I think.  That, and concentration.  Everything else is window dressing, serendipity and technique.

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