Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cannes - day 2

Saw a buyers' screening of a new Kristen Scott-Thomas film in French called Love Crime last night. While she's great, as usual, the film itself is somewhat limp and weakly written. Set in the Paris offices of some kind of underwritten multinational, nothing rang true. Having spent the last several months writing films set in offices, I know that you can't just throw some generic office jargon on screen and expect the audience to suspend their disbelief. And at least I, and I suspect many in the audience, did not. But that's the kind of film you can see at Cannes - the ones looking for an audience.

Just returned from the opening festivities of the Indian pavilion where there were numerous speeches of Indian officials and producers actually trying to speak to each other, rather than speaking to the world who'd gathered. Made somewhat enjoyable with the inclusion of lots of lovely women in attendance, including Bollywood starlet Malika Sharwat (seen seated in the middle of this photo I took with my iPhone), who is making her Hollywood debut in a couple of upcoming releases.

Off to the opening of the Russian pavilion.

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