Monday, March 15, 2010

Thanks to the writers of Little Mosque on the Prairie on CBC TV

Thanks folks.

Thanks for bringing my character, Faisal, into the show so fully this season, (which just ended tonight). I always try and make even an eye twitch work for you, but when you give me great lines and funny stuff to do, well, then I don't have to act. With this character, all I need to do is put on my great wardrobe, (thanks Risa!), and most importantly, those wacky white shoes that nobody sees, and have your great dialogue to say and I become this guy Faisal.

I know that there were some significant changes made to the show this year, like bringing in a new character. How you guys manage to twirl all those plates amazes me. I'm just glad you brought me back and gave me even more to do this season.

Whatever success the show has, and being seen in 63 countries counts as success to me, it always comes down to the writing. Doing your job gave me a job and I had a blast doing it.

Can we do it again?

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