Monday, November 16, 2009

Annoyed at the fence sitting

If you read today's editorial in Canada's self-styled national paper, I hope you get as annoyed as I did. Isn't an editorial supposed to be an opinion? I have no idea what the Globe's opinion on the "great TV debate" actually is. Could it be they are afraid to alienate BOTH the cable and satellite companies who have been purchasing full page ads in the Globe to trumpet their cause as well as the TV networks who have also been purchasing full page ads?

The editorial pays lip service to the concerns of the creative community, including the WGC who have been quietly, (we don't have the money to buy full page ads) complaining that all this is a big distraction from what really matters--getting Canadian airwaves to broadcast Canadian programs.

It's disappointing to see a respected paper like the Globe sell itself out like this. Check out my previous blog entry for the WGC's short video that clarifies the situation for the rest of us, (who aren't shareholders in BDU's or TV networks.)

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