Friday, March 28, 2008

1st Screenwriter-in-residence for the Toronto Public Library

I'm THRILLED to be appointed the first screenwriter-in-residence for the Toronto Public Library.

I'll be working out of the North York Central Library in Toronto from April 21 to June 14, 2008 giving free feedback to aspiring writers of scripts for shorts, TV dramas and sitcoms and features.  I'll also read any treatments for features.

I'll also host a panel I've called "Secrets of Canadian Screenwriters" where several of our finest will come together to tell stories about the craft and business of being a screenwriter.  Cal Coons, showrunner of Murdoch Mysteries and Malcolm MacRury who wrote the Mel Gibson starrer Man Without A Face as well as episodes of Deadwood have already agreed to appear.  (Thanks, gents!)  And I'm hoping to reveal a couple more esteemed writers on the panel closer to the date--which hasn't been finalized yet, but I'll post it here when it is.

I'm also going to conduct a workshop for 12-14 year olds that I call "Writing a One Minute Movie".  My plan is to both demystify and establish the value of scriptwriting for kids and give them a chance to try their hand at it using their imaginations and the Library's excellent facilities.  (Wish me luck!)

Finally, I'll conduct a private two-part workshop for script submitters which will expose them to the joys of rewriting their first draft and looking forward to marketing their work, probably several drafts from the one I read.

It's going to be great.  I'll have a chance to discover the next great Canadian screenwriter and raise the profile of our profession.  It's an honour to have been offered this position and I'm looking forward to it!

You can get more information about the residency or the requirements for submissions at the Toronto Public Library website at  

Click on Programs and Events.

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